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Quick List: NPC

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NPC Town Location
Afiera D'Xor Jasper The Home of the Wise Man
Alzahakar Councilors The Hermit's Hut in Twisted Wood
Bahal zax'Ot Ko'catan Jungle Hut of the Mad Scientist
Bei Naq Councilors A Small Island in The King's Way
Bone Priestess Ko'catan Jungle Lair of the Bone Priestess
Caramo Barloque Office of the Justicar
Cital ko'Manca Ko'catan The East Tower, Day Shift
Colhorr Marion Ye Olde Slasher Salesman
Cylill Councilors Source of the River Ille
D'Franco Cor Noth Cibilo Creek Inn
Drechx Councilors Outside Castle Victoria
Duke Akardius Tos The Chambers of Duke Arkadius at Blackstone Keep
Duke Kalior Tos The Chambers of Duke Kailor in Blackstone Keep
Eric d'Jorn Raza Raza Pub
Esseldi Councilors Druid Hills
Fehr'loi Quan Barloque The Royal Blacksmith of Barloque
Frisconar Tos Frisconar's Mysticals
Frular Barloque Guildmaster's Hall
Hanla zax'Ta Ko'catan Jungle The Bowmaker's Hut
Herbutte Barloque The Sparkling Stone Shop
Hester Gilk Cor Noth The Spindle and the Spinster
Huital ko'Nosak Ko'catan The Hungry Vaults
Itzal cha'Nosak Ko'catan The Hungry Vaults
Ixla cha'Totlak Ko'catan The Chimney House
Izzio Wandering Shal'ille Temple, W. Merchant Way, Barloque Gate, Kings Way, Lake of Jalas Song
Joguer Barloque Joguer's Herbs & Roots
Jonas D'Accor Jasper Pietro's Wicked Brews
Kochtal ko'Tulca Ko'catan The Hall of Heroes West
Lady Aftyn Marion Lady Aftyn's Sanctuary
LadyPhoenix The Forest Shrine Forest Shrine
Madelia Bourgeois Castle Madelia's Fine Peacockeries
Maleval Wandering Frisconars, Dukes Chamber, Blackstone Keep (Left Tower), Ran er'Hoths, Temple of Qor
Marcus Raza Raza Inn
Meidei Barloque The Bhrama & Falcon
Miriana Wandering The Hills, Off the Beaten Path, The Twisted Woods, North Quilicia Woods
Monk of Riija Temples The Riija Temple
Morrigan Marion The Limping Toad Inn and Tavern
Moxal ix'Hanak Ko'catan The Aerie Guest House
Obert Cair'bre Barloque Office of the Barloque Vaultman
Oxal ix'Tokak Ko'catan The Barking Monster
Pacal ix'Anoak Ko'catan The Neglected Arsenal
Paddock Tos Familiars
Parrin Aragone Wandering Cor Noth, Dukes Chamber, Brahma & Falcon, Pietro's Brew, Princess's Chamber.
Pietro Jasper Pietro's Wicked Brews
Priestess Qerti'nya Temples The Temple Of Kraanan
Priestess Tenuv'vyal Temples The Badlands - Screen One
Priestess Xiana Temples The Temple Of Shal'ille
Priestess Zuxana Temples The Temple Of Qor
Princess Kateriina Bourgeois Castle The Assembly Chamber at the Bourgeois Castle
Pritchett Barloque Brownstone Inn
Queen Venya'cyr Brax The Inner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr
Quetzal Ko'catan The Hall of Heroes East
Quintor Jasper Quintor's Smithy
Ran'er Hoth Marion Small house in Marion
Ravi Raza Ravi's Magicks of Raza
Rodric d'Stane Raza Raza Hut
Rook Cor Noth The Weapon Master's Abode
Roq Barloque A shadowy corner in the sewers of N. Barloque
Rycksher Tos The Duke's Grand Ballroom at Blackstone Keep
Skivlat Tos First Royal Bank of Tos
Solomon Cor Noth Solomon's Edibles
Spooky Little Girl Temples The Riija Temple
Tendrath Wandering Cragged Mountains, Ukgoth, Castle Victoria, New Badlands
Tepal ix'Zonak Ko'catan The Crooked Hem Garment Shop
The Goad Brax Goad's Grinder
The Gods Wandering Behind The Red Curtain
Tomas Raza Raza Blacksmith
Tova Marion The Limping Toad Inn and Tavern
Watcher Tos The Arena of Kraanan
Widow Qesino Jasper Yonder Inn
Wulfgang zax'Ak Ko'catan Jungle The Remote Trading Post of Wulfgang zax'Ak
Xacal ko'Ixca Ko'catan The East Tower, Night Shift
Yevitan Jasper The Royal Bank of Jasper
Zala ix'Mecya Ko'catan Two Lizards Magic Shop
Zhieu B'hob Jasper General Store of Jasper