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NPC: Duke Akardius

Location: TOS - The Chambers of Duke Arkadius at Blackstone Keep


Despite being only 16 years old Duke Akardius skillfully maneuvered himself into position to succeed his murdered uncle. The young Duke simply radiates confidence and power. Rumor has it that he is a zealous devotee of Riija and his cunning smile suggests the manipulative, deceitful aspect of the Trickster God. In spite of his lavish and very public displays of mourning for his Uncle, there are some who doubt the sincerity of his grief.


Joining this faction will give you the following benefits:

  • Spellpower (Riija, Qor, Kraanan)
  • Learn bonus (Riija, Qor, Kraanan)
  • Regen (SP)
  • Bonus: Able to buy in stores even if Red.

Spells/Skills Sold:

Duke Akardius