Copper Pekonch Mugs
Goblet of Ale
Goblet of Wine
Mug of Stout
Mugs of Brew
Water Skin

Bowl of Soup
Bowl of Stew
Bunch of Grapes
Chocolate Mint
Drum Stick
Edible Mushroom
Fortune Cookie
Inky-Cap Mushroom
Loaf of Bread
Meat Pie
Slice of Pork
Spider Eyes
Turkey Leg
Wheel of Cheese

Alembic of free action
Anonimity Potion
Brown Potion
Cure Disease Potion
Cure Poison Potion
Elixir of Cloaking
Elixir of Magical Resistance
Feline Vitreous Humor
Healing Potion
Karahol's Accursed Elixir
Poison Flask
Possum Potion
Potion of Acid Resistance
Potion of Cold Resistance
Potion of Deflection
Potion of Denial
Potion of Evil Detection
Potion of Forgetfulness
Potion of Good Detection
Potion of Haste
Potion of Invisibility Detection
Potion of Noncondictivity
Potion of Poison Resistance
Potion of Purification
Potion of Shielding
Potion of Super Strength
Pungent Elixir
Remove Curse Potion
Shadow Form Potion
Succulent Salve
The Widow Qesino's Secret Sauce

Mana Crystal
The infamous BETA POTION!