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Edibles: The infamous BETA POTION!


This potion is to facilitate beta testing by allowing the testers to test the more advanced parts of the game.

This potion will give you a boost of *(number)* hit points (but will not raise your health above 100). The size of the boost is directly related to how much time your character has spent online. Thus, beta testers who have devoted more to the game have been rewarded greater.
It will also give you all the spells up to level 6 in the *(potions school)* school of magic.

If you lose the potion in any way, shape or form (including if you give it to a friend and s/he quaffs it, or you step through the portal in Raza, or your little sister suicides your character just to spite you), you will NOT get anouther potion. So don't ask.

The infamous BETA POTION!

These are the potions that were gave to various testers during NDS's beta.

Vigor Effect: 0