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Edibles: Potion of Forgetfulness


Jala: Drinking this potion will strip all memory of the goddess of the bards from your mind. Warning: may have very serious side effects.

Riija: Quaffing this potion will allow your mind to elude the teachings of the trickster god. Warning, may have very very serious side effects.

Weaponcraft: Drinking this potion causes one to forget all skills that he or she possesses.

Shal'ille: Quaffing this elixir will remove all of Shal'ille's powers from your spellbook.

Qor: Drinking this potion will wipe all memory of Qor's spells from your mind.

Kraanan: Swallowing this cool liquid will wipe all memory of the spells of Kraanan the Fist from your mind.

Faren: This deceptively refreshing-looking liquid will strike all memory of Faren's magiks from your memory.

Potion of Forgetfulness
a ix'Mecya : Forget Riija

Vigor Effect: