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Kraanan: Level 6: Shatterlock


Penetrates the locks of a guild hall (note that it won't open other kinds of doors elsewhere).Requires Kriipa Claws to cast, and the casters' energies must be focused through a prism. Casting this spell can cause you to be labeled an outlaw.


This spell has an extremly long focus time, and must be cast by multiple people all at once to take effect.

You can improve without the spell taking effect. When cast, you get the "shatterlock icon" as a PE effect, and you lose it if you run, rest, etc.

Update: Shatterlock must have a valid target to cast now. Also, casting it will label you an outlaw, even if no one owns the hall.

Version Release: 05. Revelations

Requires focused concentration!

Purchase from NPC:

Required reagents: