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Don't forget to make a few extra accounts to store all that loot! Feel free to create as many as you like. To make recovering your accounts easier, use the same email address. If you use an invalid email address, we can't verify account ownership. Your email and password go directly to Blakserv (Meridian 59's Game Server). We do not store this information in a database or sell it to third parties.

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Enjoy a true Classic experience without having to worry about people using the Ogre client or the entities list.

Dedicated Team

We have a small dedicated team consisting of 2 admins and a developer. We are all here to ensure the best classic Meridian 59 experience possible! There will be none of the problems from the official servers especially in regards to admin abuse.

Fast Server

We're on a fast server located in Dallas, TX. We host with Linode, so get your ping on!