104's Official Wiki

*UPDATED* Intell - Alternate M59 Level Calculator
Author: Ford Perfect
Updated alternative program to calculate percentages.
»» Intell2010.zip

Brax Utility
This utility will help you solve the lever combination to raise the platform and enter brax. I couldn't get it to run on Windows 2000 though.
»» braxutil.zip

Game Map
Be sure to make a backup of your current game.map file before installing this!
»» game.map.zip

Meridian 59 Music - Original CD Soundtrack
Author: ?
The original Meridian 59 CD came with 13, high quality redbook audio tracks. These tracks are mixes of songs already found in the game (Except Track 3), in high quality MP3 format. Enjoy!
»» Meridian59OriginalMusic.zip

Meridian Clock
Author: Tungsten
A utility that shows you what the current Merdian time is. Handy for knowing when the GY is open, and whether or not you've missed the Ukgoth Node.

Update: Now includes graphical and audio notices for when the Ukgoth Node and Tos Graveyard are open, along with a custom alarm you can turn on.
»» M59Clock.zip

Meridian59 Level Calculator
Author: GimpyElf
A simple yet helpful program that calculates exactly what percent is required to achieve your next level.
[Updated March 8th, 2004 to reflect changes in Meridian59's intellect and level system.]
»» m59levelcalc.zip

NPC List
An NPC list for in-game mailing for yourself or others
»» npclist.txt

Off-line Mail Reader
Author: Michael James
The interface is designed to look and feel like the interface of the mail reader in the game. Now you can print directly from the mail reader, and you DO NOT have to be on line to work with your mail.
»» olmr.zip

Ol' Dakka's Appearance and Name chooser
Author: Dakka of de Lair
Helps you choose a good name and appearance and look stylish while you play Meridian 59.
»» Appearance&Name.zip

Quick Spell
Author: Aaron Randolph
Ever wished you had more hotkeys? Well this lets you! Plus you can cast more than one spell with a button click. Comes with 10 buttons for you to assign a spell or spells to, allowing quick casting.
»» quickspell.zip

Send Group Manager
A great file that lets you have send groups larger than 30 people! Thanks to Barghest for this file!
NOTE: This file is not related to NDS and NDS does not supply support for it.

Sunco's Meridian59 Companion
Author: InterSlayer
A nice helpfile full of useful information about Meridian 59-NDS. Basically a compilation of all the lil' gmails that float around the servers.
»» m59quickref.zip

UW Node Solver
Author: Michael James
The latest UW node solver by the creater of the original Unode. This windows version is much nicer than the original and even easier to use.
»» unode95.zip