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Weaponcraft: Level 4: Second Wind


Second wind will give a mighty adventurer the vigor to do strenuous activity even when exhausted. When near exhaustion, this skill will give a boost to vigor. It is useless to rest or eat food to regain stamina for a while after gaining a second wind.

Second Wind

Softcap: Stamina
Requirement: Need 85 hit poits to buy skill.

When your vigor drops to 22 or below, it raises the vigor to 80-180 (depending on percentage), and for a little while you will be unable to regain vigor by ANY means. As in all combat disciplines Second Wind will trigger more often as % are gained.

Aside from for its normal function, it also raises your maximum vigor by 1 point per 5%, meaning that if you have 1-5%, your maximum vigor is 81, if you have 6-10%, your maximum vigor is 82, etc. At 99% your maximum vigor will be 100.

This skill can be very rough to get started but is VERY useful at higher percents.

Version Release: 08. Dark Auspices

Purchase from NPC: