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Shal'ille: Level 6: Portal of Life


Creates a portal for your fallen comrades to enter and return from the underworld back to their physical body. If formed in time the portal can lessen the shock of death. Requires emeralds and polished seraphym to cast.

Portal of Life

Why it's used: Usually for someone that has accidentally turned orange, for a missed PK attempt or from a war... though if the PoL'er is quick, you can get it from a normal death.

Directions: Usually, the person who needs the Portal of Life asks for someone to kill him (or an AoS or the acid fog at the forest shrine - to avoid a third person) and asks the PoL'er for help. The person to be killed is actually killed at this point and while this person is running to where the UW node is, the PoL'er is waiting for a tell from him letting the caster of the PoL'er know when to actually cast PoL. When the fallen is at where the node would appear, the PoL'er gets the tell and casts. The fallen immediately runs through the portal.

Best results: 99% Portal of Life, +80 or higher Karma, Shal'ille robe, Ivy, Shal'ille dedicated hearld shield and possibly 99% Forces of Light. However, I am sure there is a maximum spellpower so all these are not necessary. I get great results (1 in 3 odds of losing a hitpoint - 0% to ~10% in all skills/spells) from: 99% PoL, +90 Karma, 99 FoL, Shal'ille robe and Ivy.

Important Notes: If the body has been corpsed for about two minutes, benefits of a PoL are drasitcally reduced. Benefits are greatly reduced if the portal is cast and appears and the fallen fails to walk through right away. The portal usually stays for at least a minute. Remember there should always be a minimum penalty for a Portal of Life... it has been reduced in effectiveness since it was exploited. It will not rid you of red status nor will it dispel an incurred revenant. A botched PoL attempt (usually the caster's concentration has been interrupted) is final, that is, no other PoL attempt can be made. Anti-Magic Aura reduces benefits but not laregly. Defile/Animate cannot overrule a PoL: If the PoL was cast first, it will complete unless interrupted.

-- QuicksilveR

Update: An orange character will not turn white if they recieve a Portal of Life, they must now recieve a pardon or take a normal, full-penalty death. Also, the casting time has been reduced signifigantly by NDS. Probably to compensate for the reduced utility to the spell.

A character recieves the PoL benifit reguardless of wheather they exit the underworld through the corpsenode or one of the town portals. Oftentimes it might be preferable to collect what remains of your belongings in Familiars bar, rather than the location where you found your demise.

Version Release: 05. Revelations

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