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Jala: Level 6: Crystalize Mana


This song catches the mana expended in singing, crystalizing it into a physical form. The mana crystal stores the mana for later use, in essence allowing the singer to store extra mana. Only one crystal at a time can be created by a singer, but the longer this song is sung, the more mana that is stored in the crystal. Since the mana is attuned to the singer, the crystal cannot be shared with others. This song requires 1 sapphire and 1 uncut seraphym to sing.

Crystalize Mana

Crystalize Mana creates a mana crystal in your inventory that is essentially a super mint. Mana spent maintaining the song is stored in the crystal. There is a maximum amount of mana that can be stored in the crystal which is set by your spellpower. Rumor states that at maximum spellpower, the crystal will hold up to 250 mana.

Using the crystal breaks concentration.

Repeated castings of Crystalize Mana will continue to fill the crystal, not start the crystal over at 0.

The mana crystal can not leave your inventory. It can't be swapped, sold, dropped, traded, or penned.

Version Release: 10. Resurrection

Requires focused concentration!
Mana Effect: 20, ticks mana 2/second
Vigor Effect: 30

Purchase from NPC:

Required reagents: