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Riija Sword: How do I get one?

1) Go to Mad Scientist Hut and say Kohuzotz and he'll ask for you to get a specimen for him (dragonfly queen). Go to the Hive and offer a Meat Pie to a dragonfly queen to get her to follow you. You must bring it to the Mad Scientist Hut and say Kohuzotz again and he'll give a shard.blets of Wine
- Jewel of Froz (1)
- Globlets of Ale (you can only get these in Duke's feast hall)
- Herbs (250)
- Other items possible

The best thing to do with this part is to wait for the quest, then ask someone having a riija mule to assist you in getting the items together. Ignore the 70 goblets of ale favor if he gives it to you and the Duke's Feast Hall is not opened. You will have to let the quest reset. You will probably have to go to mainland, then back with the water skins or the sort.

3) Go to Bowmaker's Hut in the Notch in the Jungle, and say arrows to Hanla zax'Ta. She'll give one of two favors:

A) Kill a Kyip-Kyip-Kreeet Avar Shaman - This one is straight forward, just get the kill blow on an avar shaman somewhere in the jungle. (haven't done this one, so don't know specifics) OR

B) Trade for the tailfeathers of an Kyip-Kyip-Kreeet Avar Shaman to fletch an arrow. For this, you must go to the orc caves and get a chunk of nerudite. Then you must go to Xacal ko'Ixca (guy who decides wether you can go into jungle) and say bribe then offer 1000 shillings, and he'll let you through to jungle. Then go the Bone Priestess and offer her the chunk of nerudite, and she'll give the Shaman Feather to you, which you give to Hanla zax'Ta to get a Riija shard.

* NOTE: To receive this quest, your karma must be either less than -10 or greater than 10.

4) Go to Bone Priestess and say Riija and she will say something like "blah blah blah orc boss head yadda yadda yadda". Then just go and bring her an Orc Pit Boss Head.

Note - Some of the quests for the shards of the sword may or may not be already quested for by one or more other players. You may have to wait a short while to do your quests. Worst case scenerio, you will have to wait 24 hours for the quest to be reset.

Note 2---
For those that get their Riija sword shattered and missing one piece...
Wulfgang = Little Guy (cross piece)
Bahal=lower blade
bone priestess=tip

Thanx for the info Aurora!